Thomas Lundqvist yacht broker noumea

Born in the land of the Vikings and since childhood explorations by sea makes Thomas dream. He races on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with his classmates, embarks on a 62′ charter Ketch on the Andaman Sea in the 90s, then in the Maldives.

In 1995, he buys his first sailboat in New Zealand, a rustic 34′ in ferrocement and sets sail for Mayotte. Much of the South Pacific and the entire Indian Ocean are now behind him. A friend asks him for help and off he goes to the Red Sea to deliver a 56′ catamaran, intended for charter in Madagascar. A second crossing of the Indian Ocean is done.

A few years later, a Beneteau 43′ arrives in the Mediterranean and his family moves aboard. His two children will learn to walk and do their schooling at sea. The Gibraltar Strait is crossed and the boat sails down the North African coast. The decision is made: cross the Atlantic to South America, which will thus become the future navigation basin for the next eighteen months, before cruising in the Caribbean Sea for just as long.

Back in New Caledonia, the family settles ashore and acquires a motor boat for outings on the lagoon before buying a 42′ catamaran.

Since 2019, he lives aboard his 47′ catamaran at anchor and had the pleasure of seeing his son become a Naval Architect and his daughter finishing her studies as a Sustainable Development Engineer.

This experience of 40 years of navigation and life on board is at your service to accompany you and advise you in the sale or purchase of your boat